Top 5 Hong Kong Pools

Swimming is a fun, healthy way to cool off in Hong Kong’s sweltering summers. It provides a low-impact workout and is perfect for people of all ages. It also gives you a chance to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Plus, it’s a life-saving skill to have! So grab your swimsuit, get ready to float and have some fun at these best Hong Kong pools.

One of the most show-stopping pools in the city is the Peninsula’s Roman-inspired pool. Its design and statuesque columns make it feel like you’re swimming in a palatial setting, away from the bustle of the city. The best part? The sweeping views of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline.

The Island Shangri-La’s 28-metre outdoor pool isn’t a rooftop bar, but it’s certainly one of the most eye-catching. With its stunning view of Hong Kong’s waterfront, the pool is a great place to swim and enjoy the sunset. Plus, their outdoor jacuzzi is the perfect place to sit back and relax.

Another amazing outdoor pool is the Wai Man Road Swimming Complex in Tsing Yi. This destination public pool is perfect for families and has a main pool, teaching pool, leisure pool, and even one designed for toddlers. They also have a slew of waterslides, water shooters and fountains to keep you cool and entertained.

Located in the International Commerce Center (ICC), this pool is truly out of this world. It’s so high up that you can practically swim in the clouds! It’s a stunning sight, especially with its floor-to-ceiling windows, mirrored ceiling and LED walls that showcase an illusion of coral reefs. If you’re ever in HK, this is definitely a must-see.

With all these awesome Hong Kong pools, it’s no wonder why this city is known as a swimmer’s paradise! So grab your swimsuit and head to your nearest pool this summer. You won’t regret it. Just remember to stay safe and take precautions – don’t forget your sunscreen! Enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to slurp up some ice cold shaved ice to top it all off!

What is Data SGP?

Data sgp is an indicator of how much a student has grown in their academic performance relative to students who have similar prior test score histories (their academic peers). The data sgp indicator is calculated by comparing the student’s current scaled assessment score to the student’s previous score. This allows us to compare how far the student has come as compared to their peer group and is an important aspect of OSPI’s new system for measuring academic achievement called value-added (VA).

Educators can view a student’s data sgp by selecting a specific student in the assessment results report and choosing the “SGP Data” tab. This displays the student’s SGP scores for each year they have been tested along with a projection of how high or low they might reach in future years.

For example, let’s say a sixth grader earned a scale score of 370 on this year’s statewide ELA exam and has a prior scaled score of 300. In this scenario, the student’s growth percentage is 60. A student with a growth percentage of 60 is growing at or above the rate of half of students with comparable score histories. This is an indication that the student has made significant academic gains and is moving closer to meeting their achievement targets or goals.

As a result of the increased transparency and clarity provided by the new SGP system, the state has revised its educator evaluation policy to allow districts to use individual student SGP data in their educator evaluation processes. However, it is important to note that this new data sgp indicator should not be used in place of a student’s value-added score as required by state law for school and district accountability purposes.

The data sgp indicators are designed to provide educators with information about their students’ academic progress, and should be used in conjunction with other student assessment measures. Using SGP in addition to other measures helps ensure that all students are fairly evaluated and the most effective educational decisions can be made for each student.

Educators are encouraged to share their students’ SGP data with families, as it can enrich the picture of a student’s academic experience and provides context about their learning. SGP data should also be used as part of the student learning outcomes (SLO) process and in ongoing continuous improvement efforts.

To help educators get started with using SGP data, Macomb ISD and Clare-Gladwin ISD have created an interactive tool that will allow educators to create visualizations of both a student’s achievement and their growth based on the same district student data file available on BAA Secure Site. This tool can be found at For detailed instructions, see the SGP Data Tools Instructions. The tools require you to have the WIDE format of the student data file, which can be downloaded from BAA. For most analyses, you will want to use the LONG format. The advantages of using the LONG format are numerous and include preparation, storage, and analysis functions that are not available in the WIDE format.