What is a Result SGP?

A result sgp is a tool for interpreting student growth data. It uses historical growth trajectories of Star examinees to determine how much additional growth is needed for a student to achieve proficiency or maintain proficiency. This information is then displayed in percentile terms, which are familiar to most teachers and parents. SGPs are updated frequently so that students’ projections are based upon the latest information available.

SGPs are calculated for all student populations in a district and can be used to compare the performance of different groups of students or schools. They can also be used to inform decisions about curriculum, instruction, and support for individual students.

The main benefit of SGPs is that they allow educators to easily share student progress with families. In addition, they can provide more detail about student progress than a report card alone. This allows parents to view the progress of their child over time and compare this information with other children in their school or district.

Unlike traditional test scores, which only tell you whether a student has passed or failed, a SGP identifies how much more growth is needed for the student to be successful. This information is a valuable tool for both teachers and parents as they plan learning activities. It can also help students and parents set goals for their future.

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