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    San Bernardino County

    Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association

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    San Bernardino County

    Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association

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Deputy Lawrence Falce SBSD

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About SEBA

SEBA has proudly served law enforcement employees of San Bernardino County since 1946 as the recognized bargaining unit for those on the front lines of public safety.

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The SEBA Charity Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. Our goal is to support the children of the Inland Empire, California. Contributing to community based children's charities....

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SEBA annual events include Fore the Cops and Kids Golf Tournament, Fallen Heroes Bowling Tournament, Shop with a Cop. 17 different events at various locations to impact...

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The Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association stands firmly with its member at the center of a video-taped struggle with an uncooperative suspect and asks the community not to rush to judgment but consider the complexities of this profession and the person behind the badge.Our member, whose name is not being released, should be afforded due process before conclusions are incorrectly drawn about his character, his work ethic or his commitment to public safety. Working in law enforcement has been a life-long dream for this deputy. We ask the public to consider this before allowing a snapshot of one moment in time define him; or to skew the danger he was facing during the call for service.“If pa...
The Draw to Coeur d’Alene, IdahoBy: Lolita HarperThe sparkling lake, crisp air and pristine beauty of the wooded Idaho landscape are a natural draw for those who love outdoor activities. Combine those attributes with a popular affinity for the second amendment and a fiscally conservative government and the state becomes a favorite for those retiring from a career in law enforcement.Retired Capt. Bart Belknap is one of those who could not resist the draw of the quaint city of Coeur d’Alene, which has a population of 47,000 and boasts beautiful scenery and unparalleled hospitality. “We wanted to retire where it was green and we didn’t feel like we were being pick-pocketed by the government,” B...
By: Lolita HarperChristina Lopez straggled into a classroom last fall where she was to spend the next 10 weeks to complete the terms of her juvenile probation. She stood with her arms crossed and gave very little eye contact to any of the instructors. If she gazed in the direction of one of the deputies at the Fontana Station’s juvenile mentoring program, it was to roll her eyes at their presumably empty talk.By the end of the 10 weeks 15-year-old Christina still did not want to lift her gaze to deputies but this time it was because she was crying – sad the Fontana Station A.C.T.S. juvenile mentoring program was over for her. Finizia Barberi, a Fontana Station deputy who volunteers for the s...

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