Sydney’s Ocean Pools

The city of Sydney is famous for its opera house and bridge, but a lesser-known fact about it is that it also harbours more ocean pools than any other urban area in the world. The pools, which are man-made public seawater pools situated on a surf coast and designed so that waves wash over them, make for sheltered refuges where people can swim, fish or just relax in the sun.

While they are not as pristine as some of the city’s beaches, many are still beautiful and popular swimming spots despite the presence of jellyfish, rocks, sharks and rough seas. Some are open all year round and are ideal for families, especially during summer when many Australians are on holiday with their kids.

But the long-term future of these beautiful, iconic pools is in doubt. Rising sea levels are a looming threat to the rock platforms on which they are built. And climate change is raising swell levels, which will cause the pools to be flushed by the incoming tide more frequently and could require them to be raised.

There is also the problem of water quality, with algae blooms and red tides commonplace. The pools are often shallow and close to the rocky coastline, which means they can quickly become contaminated by sewage and other waste. In addition, the salt in the water can cause skin irritations and ear infections in those who are sensitive to it.

The problem is so acute that some local governments have stepped in to try to preserve the pools and ensure they continue to operate. The City of Sydney is one such council, with its own unique program to maintain the city’s pools. It is working with residents and volunteers to clean and monitor the pools, while educating them on how to keep them healthy.

A number of other local councils have also begun to take a more proactive approach, partnering with residents to ensure their pools are protected. In one case, a community is taking steps to raise money to repair and rebuild an historic pool. Its mayor is even donating her salary to the project.

While the City of Sydney has made it clear that its goal is to preserve the pools, other local governments are not as committed and may not have the resources to carry out such a big project. And the issue isn’t just for coastal cities, as inland suburbs with their own beautiful rock pools are also struggling to maintain them.

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