The Best Places to Swim in Sydney

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Sydney’s beaches aren’t the only places to swim, with a variety of rock pools and baths cut into the base of the cliffs and rocks on the city’s shoreline. There are 30 between Palm Beach and Cronulla, along with over 40 harbour pools. Many of these are open for casual swimming, while others are reserved for lap swimmers and children’s learning pools.

At the top of the cliffs at Cremorne Point is MacCallum Pool, one of the oldest harbour pools in Australia. Originally a rock pool created by locals, it was rebuilt in the 1920s above the high water mark for safety reasons. It’s narrow and only two lanes wide but is long enough for laps, and is surrounded by wooden boardwalks where swimmers can relax in the sun after their dip.

Nearby, the Coogee beach is home to natural rock pools and the artificial Giles Baths, named after the swimmer who created them. The nearby McIver’s Ladies Baths have been providing women and children with a private place to swim since the 1870s.

The new Marrinawi Cove, in the cosmopolitan precinct of Barangaroo, is another swimming spot for adults and kids alike. This cove was closed for 50 years but has reopened with a gentle, clear harbour pool and large rock steps where swimmers can soak up the sun and enjoy views of Woolloomooloo Wharf.

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