How to Enter the Hongkong Prize

The hongkong prize is a highly prestigious literary contest that attracts writers from all over the world. Top ten finalists receive both monetary awards and other perks, making it a very attractive competition to enter. However, if you’re considering entering, it’s important to read all of the rules carefully. This will help you avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize your chances of winning.

The first of its kind, the award aims to pay tribute to individuals in society who embody the very spirit of humanity. It also hopes to encourage more people to emulate such outstanding humanitarian deeds. In addition to the cash prize, winners will also be honored at an annual ceremony and given access to Hong Kong’s research facilities.

Founded in 2007, Justice Centre is dedicated to advancing protection, justice and inclusion for forced migrants. Their work includes legal and psychosocial assistance, research, community initiatives, and advocacy on behalf of migrant communities in Hong Kong. The HK prize will help the organisation continue to expand their reach to serve more people in need.

To be considered for the HK Prize, an original article must have been published in the HK Journal during the year. It must be a prospective or retrospective clinical study, observational study, epidemiological study, or basic science study. The article must be the first-authored submission, and case reports (with case number 3), review articles, and letters to the editor will not be considered.

Those who are interested in winning the HK Prize should submit their work by the deadline. They will be judged on the quality of their work and their ability to convey a clear message. The judges will then select the winner, who will receive a prize of $100,000.

In addition to recognizing scientists for their achievements, the HK Prize aims to foster a sense of lifelong learning among working adults in the city. This is especially important in Hong Kong, where many people are retraining to adapt to the fast-changing economy. The HK Prize has been awarded for more than a decade.

This year, the HK Prize will honor a diverse group of individuals who have devoted their lives to social justice and community service. The nominees include activists who are fighting for freedom and democracy, even while facing imprisonment; the founder of a shelter for homeless adults; and a professor who has developed liquid biopsy, which allows doctors to detect cancer earlier.

The HK Prize is open to all Hong Kong residents, and the winners will be announced at an annual ceremony in October. The HK Prize is also available to international scholars, with the exception of those who have been conferred Academy Fellowship in the past 10 years. Those who are interested in the HK Prize should visit the official website for more information. The HK Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in Asia, and it’s an excellent opportunity to win a substantial sum of money and get some recognition for your work.