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“Through the Everyday Heroes campaign, funds will be set aside to be made available for SEBA members who want to give back.”


Many deputies, probation officers and other law enforcement professionals often spend their own money to help needy victims of crime with whom they come in contact. SEBA recognizes the intrinsic need to give back and wants to help all SEBA members make their generosity go further, not only during the holidays, but every day. Through the Everyday Heroes campaign, thousands of dollars will be set aside throughout 2017 to be made available for SEBA members who want to give back.

SEBA members, who include deputies, probation corrections officers, DA investigators and other law enforcement professionals, will nominate deserving children, families or community members to be the recipient of an Everyday Heroes award. Based on the specific circumstances of the request, SEBA will allocate funds to provide for the person in need. Everyday Heroes allow SEBA members to meet a need for a victim in a timely manner.

SEBA Everyday Heroes is a program of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association "SEBA", an association representing Deputy Sheriff's, District Attorney Investigators, Welfare Fraud Investigators, Probation Corrections Officers and Specialized Fir Services Personnel who proudly serve and protect the citizens of San Bernardino County. SEBA was founded in 1946.

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