SEBA Statement on Sacramento DA decision

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today there would be no criminal charges filed on two police officers involved in a tragic, fatal use of force nearly a year ago.

This incident was a horrible tragedy, and we empathize with the pain, grief, and anguish felt by members of the community, the officers involved, and most especially, Mr. Clark’s family.

Schubert presented clear and compelling evidence in her press conference today that the police officers were confronted by a suspect who was vandalizing property, attempting to break into homes, and was under the influence of dangerous narcotics.

The investigation outlined several instances in which the police officers demonstrated an “earnest” and “honest” belief that Mr. Clark was advancing on them with a gun. The District Attorney shed new light on the totality of circumstances surrounding Mr. Clark's death and offered clear scientific findings to dispel the myth that Mr. Clark was just out for a walk.

There is nothing anyone can do to unwind the events of that evening. We at SEBA offer our prayers to all involved and our commitment to push forward, in unity with the people we serve, to focus on solution-based reform.

What we can do is holistically address the root causes of crime in our neighborhoods and ensure all Public Safety Officers receive continuous, high-quality training to improve outcomes. We can also require every law enforcement agency to adopt policies which are proven to lead to safer interactions between officers and the community.

As larger law enforcement agencies have implemented such strategies, California has seen a 40% reduction in fatal police shootings since 2015.

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