SAN BERNARDINO – SEBA member Dep. Larry Falce was pronounced dead today after a valiant battle to regain consciousness following a violent attack during a minor traffic collision on New Year’s Eve.

Larry, a 36-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, was driving on Dec. 31 when he was involved in a traffic collision around 11 a.m. at the intersection of University Avenue and Kendall Drive. At some point after the collision, Larry, 70, contacted the people in the other car and was brutally attacked. Larry was transported to the hospital where he fought to regain consciousness. His fight ended January 2.

We want people to know Larry did not fight alone. He had the full support of our association and the prayers of our 3,700 members. “Larry was a hard-working, dedicated professional, who loved his job as a deputy sheriff,” said SEBA President Sgt. Grant Ward. “I worked with him and I can tell you his commitment to this profession was second to none. He was generous to all those he cared about and gave willingly from the bottom of his heart.”

Larry participated in the SEBA Shop With a Cop event on Dec. 16, 2017, at the Fontana Walmart. Even after 36 years on the department, Larry still dedicated himself to charity work and giving back to the community we serve.“

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a wonderful conversation with Larry while he took a child on a shopping spree,” Ward said. “He was happy, joking and making this child feel absolutely special during their time together.”

This tragedy still holds many, many unanswered questions. We have faith our colleagues at the San Bernardino Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation and the truth will be brought to light. We want to see justice done for our member, who did not deserve this violent attack.

Deputy Lawrence Falce SBSDSEBA will pay for the funeral expenses and will work closely with his beneficiaries to ensure assistance is appropriately distributed.  SEBA is working collaboratively with the Sheriff’s Department and with the Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Team (SEAT) to ensure Larry receives the hero’s honor he richly deserves.

Our hearts are heavy from the loss of our friend. Larry was the oldest sworn member of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. We do not speak for the institution on the front of the badge but for the people behind it. And like any family, our support for Larry and his loved ones is resolute. He was beloved by many and will be greatly missed. 


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